Find the perfect fit for your schedule and skill level!


A typical contract for a personal training package is 3 months or longer, to ensure optimal, physical results. However we are extremely flexible and can accommodate any term length on a case by case basis.


A 30 day notice before cancellation is all that is required to opt out of a contract. Any amounts you have paid will be pro-rated to the effective cancellation date.



Every new client gets a "Phase 1" Nutrition program that includes some initial-based coaching with some bonus tools such as, food assessment form, food journal along with a custom-made dietary plan that will help you achieve your goals in a healthy and maintainable way.


Programs must be paid in full at the time of activation, or via EFT from a credit card or checking account. Minimum: 8 or 12 sessions/month.


For every new client that you refer, you will be rewarded with three FREE training sessions (combined value of $180).

All you have to do is provide the names and contact information of those that you think could use my service and I will offer them a no-obligation, complimentary full body diagnostic so they can 'test drive' my services. As always, you can rest assured that everyone that you refer will receive the personalized 'red carpet' treatment that I am known for.

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